Feeling Like Home

As most of you know, I am hardly ever in Kansas City because I'm in school in Tennessee.  That being said, when I am home for the summer, I have the hardest time figuring out where to put everything.  It's like shoving two rooms in to one.  I really like to display things.  I find that ordinary things have so much beauty.  For example I have foreign money framed and hanging on my wall.  I find them to be beautiful.  So, I wanted to find spots for things while also displaying them.  Then an idea popped into my head.  My mom had given me these old drawers from a sewing machine that had belonged to me great-grandmother.  She was going to get rid of them, but I kept them because I figured I would be able to find some sort of use for them.  And sure enough I did.  I set the drawer on its side on one of my window sills.  I then placed lipstick, nail polish, a seashell from spring break, and a jar of buttons inside.    Easy enough.  

 I also was able to finally put up my beautiful map that I received for my birthday.  I stained the frame and attached the map.  I am so in love with this!

I also put some succulents on the window sill.  I got these from my best friends wedding.  They are wonderful! 


Repurposed Stool

I found this cute little stool at a yard sale and bought it for $8.  It was looking a little bit rough, but I figured some new fabric could turn that around.  After a trip to Walmart were I found some fabric for $5, it was time to get started.

This was a super easy project.  To start, lay the cushion on top of your new fabric and cut around it.  You want to leave enough fabric so that it will cover the sides as well.  To keep it looking fairly clean, I like to leave enough fabric so that I can fold it over before I staple it so that you don't see the cut edge.  Staple on one side and then staple on the opposite side.  Do that again for the other two sides.  Make sure that the fabric is pulled tight, otherwise you will be left with wrinkles.   

Staple about once ever 2 inches or so, leaving the corners for last.  Pull the corners over.  You may need to trim the material if there is excess.  There is going to be at least one fold on the corner.  Mine had two as you can see from the end pictures.  Just try to make the folds as similar as possible.  Also make sure the fabric is pulled tight.  I like to check after each corner, just to make sure its not pulling awkwardly.  

So there you go!  Super easy DIY.  I might end up painting it some day.  There is paint splatter on the wood and its chipped in spots.  But this will do for now.  Happy Monday!