Who Knew?

Who really knew that when you go to college, they actually want you to decide what to do with your life?  I came into Freshman year thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life, but like everyone else, I'm having second, third, and even fourth thoughts.  I am about to change my major for the third time. I thought that I would at least have the summer to figure out what to do, but I don't.  I have to sign up for classes tomorrow, and if I don't sign up for the "right ones" then I will be behind, which means staying extra semesters, or having way too many hours for one semester.  I sort of wished that I had been pushed to think more about majors when I was in high school, so that it would be such a problem now.  But it's all too late for that, and I am trying to get my scattered thoughts together, to figure out my future.  One decision to determine my future.  I know that may not be entirely true, and yeah you might do something that has absolutely nothing to do with your major, but it feels like I am determining the rest of my life right now.  Right now with one decision. 

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