Traveling has always been something that has put my perspective back in it’s rightful place. Wether it be by train or by car, I always seem to find myself realizing at one time or another, that this world is so big and filled with so many people. I have never been anywhere outside North America, but just a 20 hour drive or a 4 hour flight, is all it takes for me to realize how minuscule my “problems” are. The fleeting cares and worries of my days, are nothing. And yet, God still cares about them. He still wants me to rely on Him, to give this small worries to Him. When people are dying, and others are trying to make ends meet; when people are sick, and others are starving; my thoughts about wether or not I will do well on a test, or if we will safely arrive at our destination, hold just as much importance in God’s eyes, as all of the other problems that people are facing. It is unfathomable, that such fleeting thoughts are still listened to. It is comforting knowing that even though there are so many people and so many problems in this world, I still matter.

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