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one of the hardest parts about growing up is realizing that relationships are not as magical or as effortless that we, as children, so naively believed they were.

love is not all about red roses on valentine's day, or waltzing in an empty room to no music. it is not always comprised of sexy, passionate kisses in the rain, or romantic candlelit dinners.

love does not equal that perfect, pristine wedding on the beach, no matter how much we wish it did.

no, sometimes love is broken dishes on the floor, and tempers so high they threaten to burst through the ceiling. it is a drunk prince charming or an slutty snow white. it is loneliness echoing and aching deep inside your bones and it is the feeling of tears drying on your face like wax.

love is not disney. love is complicated. love is messy.

when i was younger, i believed that you could title a loved one. oh, she's his fiance. oh, they're boyfriend and girlfriend. oh, he's her husband. it is only now, as a teenager, that i realize this is not how love works. there is not a name to fit every relationship, although we've certainly tried with terms like friends with benefits.

we keep convincing ourselves that our happiness lies on one set of lips, that our lives would be peachy if we just managed to receive one kiss, or one wedding, or one boyfriend.

but love isn't about kisses or weddings or titles.

it's about how much you care, how long you will listen, how far you will go and to what lengths you will forgive.

the bottom line is, if you truly, deeply and honestly love someone, you will want them in your life, even if you never receive that kiss or that wedding.


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