To All The Haters.

You have the ability to prove them wrong
You have the potential to show them that you’re better
They have made their accusations
And right now, you’re telling them that they’re right
You’re letting them win
You’re giving in
But they’re wrong
They want you to fail
We all know that
They want you to fall 
They don’t believe that you can amount to anything
But you can
Show them you can
Stand up and be a man
Let them crumble
Let them realize how false their allegations really are
Show them that you can conquer your addictions
That you can overcome your disorders
That their judgmental glares don’t control your life
That this life, this life that is only a vapor is meant to be lived
That they can waste their time 
That they can be bitter about their downfalls and their disillusion
But your life should not be wasted
Your life should instead be an adventure
So that when you look back you will have no regrets
So stop listening to the hypocrites all around you
Stop listening and prove the haters wrong. 

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