27 Million

      If you haven't heard yet, then you might be a little behind.  There are 27 million people right now that are slaves.  27 million.  Let that resonate.  Still can't picture it?  If you had $27 million then you could buy over 5 million mosquito nets to help prevent the spread of malaria in Africa, 54,000 iPads, over 5,000 semester in college,  or over 2,000 engagement rings at Tiffany's.  Still confused?  If you enslaved the entire country of Saudi Arabia, then you would have 27 million slaves.

     So what are you going to do about it? Yes, you.  This is a global problem, but it is also a local problem.  There are people in every city that are slaves.  This is not just some problem that is happening half-way around the world.  This is happening just down the street from you.  Well, here's something you can do.  You can sign your name on a petition that is going to President Obama saying that we want him to help us end slavery once and for all.  I want to help end slavery!

     So that's one easy way to do it.  But, do you want to know some other ways?  Well many people are concerned about slavery, and they are doing something about it.  Some of those people are Matt Redman and Jenny & Tyler.  They have both recorded songs about this issue and are sending the profits of the songs sold to help out with the fight against modern day slavery.  So check them out and buy their songs.  
Matt Redman 

Jenny & Tyler 

Also, I don't know if you know this or not, but real men don't buy girls.

     Also, by just googling "27 million" you will get many different amazing websites that give you more information and other ways in which you can get involved in this global battle.  

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