Fitting the Mold

Molds are something that I learned about a long time ago.  So long ago that it almost seems like it was a dream.  I was taught about molds by my mother, in many different ways actually.  I was told that they were used to make pottery and ceramics.  The ceramic is poured into a mold that is made up of two pieces and then fired in a kiln to produce a very fragile, unfinished peace of pottery.  It almost feels like clay.  The piece of pottery still has to be "cleaned" because it has a line where the mold was pushed together.  Thats the thing, the mold doesn't make a perfect piece of pottery.  It still has to be fixed or cleaned in this case, and then it has to go through fire (or an extremely hot kiln).

I started thinking about this last night, after I finished venting to a friend.  I do not know a single person that feels they don't fit into "the mold" even though they are forced to try to fit into it every single day.  And boy do we try to fit into it.  I've colored my hair, I've tried different skin care products and makeup, I've tried not eating, and throwing up, I've cheated, I've stolen, I've lied, I've done EVERYTHING I can to fit into this "mold," to try to come off as the perfect person.  This person that is beautiful, smart, athletic, skinny, funny, liked by all.  This impossible, unachievable person.  Even if there is a person that fits into this mold, they are still imperfect, because molds are imperfect.  After venting to this friend he told me that he too had the same problem.  That he tried to be everything his parents wanted him to be, that he tried to fit into the impossible mold.  That he tried to be smarter, more sociable, and a better christian.  That he was trying to be the perfect person for everybody.  So heres the thing, lets say I finally figured out how to "fit the mold", I would still have have to be cleaned, the extra scraped off, and then from there I would have to walk through fire.  It's impossible.

However, the most beautiful, expensive, are rare pieces of pottery don't come from a mold.  But they are hand crafted individually, and they are made perfectly.  So my question is, who even created this mold?  Who says we have to practically kill ourselves to be something?  I guess the real question is why do we care so much?  We are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Sculpted by the greatest Artist who paints the sky every morning and night, that inspires all of the other artists.  We are unique and have such great worth in the eyes of God.  We are molded by the greatest Sculptor, who sculpted the mountains and the valleys.  We are beautiful.  And we need no mold.


  1. Hey sweet potato! This hit the nail on the head for me :) summer time is the world of insecurities....Plus you know me very well and you know my incredible need to please...it sounds kinda harsh but screw it. Im learning that i dont please anyone but God and myself and thats good enough :) i love you sweet heart! miss you tons!