Still Believe.

When did we lose hope of marrying our prince charming?  At what point did we decide that it was an unrealistic dream?  Whose words made us believe that we weren't truly princesses worthy of a prince.  Why have we stopped believing that we need rescuing from  the terrible dragon?  These were the questions I asked myself today as my 4 year cousin ran through a park screaming, saying that the dragon was going to get her and she needed to be rescued by her prince charming.  These were the questions that I faced as she ran up to me and said that the prince had saved her life and they were going to get married and live happily ever after - A child's dream.  So when did we lose sight of this fairytale?  Perhaps it was when the king, our father, left us, when our parents got a divorce.  Or maybe it was when we had our heart broken for the very first time.  Or by chance, it was when someone told we were fat, ugly, and absolutely nothing special at all.  Or it could have been when the man we thought we were going to marry was actually cheating on us.  Or perhaps it is now when we are 35 years old and have no hope of a happily ever after left.  Who really knows when we lost sight of this dream.  But the point it, we have forgotten it, left it behind as though we are too old for it.  However, the longing is still there, right?  The need to be loved by someone who will never leave, but will stand by our side for the rest of our lives, fighting our dragons.  The need to be rescued from these so called dragons.  What a beautiful longing it is.  A beautiful longing placed in us by none other than the King.  And this longing is fulfilled through Christ returning and fighting the dragon, and taking up His bride - the church.  It is also fulfilled through God's gift of marriage.  A beautiful and holy gift that we have so botched up.  We have made such a sacred act of worship into something so desecrated.  It has become nothing but empty promises and broken hearts.  However, I still believe.  I still believe in those happily ever afters.  You can see it in spouses fighting for a lasting marriage.  You can see it in couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, still as happy and in love as the day they were wed.  You can see it in the 80 year old husband helping his wife plant her flowers, the twinkle in his eye as he playfully throws a clump of dirt at her.  It is still there.  The fairytale still exists.  So here I stand, waiting.  Not giving into what seems easy or convenient, but waiting for my prince charming.  Not kissing toads hoping they will turn into a prince, but instead knowing that he will come wether it is riding up on his white stead, or walking through the door into the caf.  Who knows?  All I know, is I'm not giving in.  Maybe its foolishness, but I still choose to believe in fairytales.


  1. It is not foolishness. It is a deep desire put there by God so that we can be truly loved and fulfilled by Him alone. Prince Charmings will always let us down, just as you, the Princess, will let your Prince down because we are human and sinful. But when you are in a covenant with God, the three of you hold on, fight for that relationship with each other and be a witness to an unsaved world of what Christ's relationship is to the church. He will never leave, He always forgives, He always loves....
    I love you and I love your heart. Your Prince Charming will be a very blessed man indeed!

  2. Your Mom said it very well! In reading 3 of your blog posts now, I see that even through sadness or disappointments that your heart always is right there claiming the promises that He has given. People will always let your down (just as we will let others down), but our Savior will not. The hardest most hurtful situations in my life have turned out to be Christ pruning me and my family for much better. Thank you for sharing your heart and your faith in Jesus Christ. What wonderful plans Christ has for you! I just know it!