My Momma

Its a little cheesy, but it's mothers day.  I love you momma!

So many things to say,
With so little words coming to my mind.
One day 19 years ago,
You became my mom and for that I love you so.
You shaped me and molded me,
That one day the Lord might I see.
I thank you so much for your love.
For your never ending dedication.
You truly are a Godsend.  
You stayed by my side even when I didn’t want you
You showered me with love and gifts all so new
You picked me up when I fell
You brushed of the dust and one thing you would tell:
That I am big and strong no tears need I cry
Just one more time do I need to try
You pushed me to be all that I could
You wanted the best for me, 
And for that I would
I want to please you
To make you smile
Even though we are separated by many more that a mile
Thanks for everything
Thanks for all you do
Thanks for loving me too
You are an incredible mother
I would never wish for another
You are so beautiful and strong
It seems as if you never do anything wrong
I pray one day I will be half the momma that you are 
That one day I might hit that par
I love you momma
Thanks once more
For helping me spread my wings and soar.  

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