I’m lonely.  I’m insecure. 
But Your love alone brings the cure. 
You bring me freedom.  You bring me life.
No longer do I have to worry about this strife.
I may not feel good enough, and I know that I’m not.
But recently if there’s one thing you taught, 
It’s that when I fall short
There’s no need for retort.
You fill me up.  You make me whole.
You bring fulfillment to my soul.
My past is gone, there’s no looking back
I no longer have to carry this burden, this pack
You have paid the ransom
And at your feet I will come.
I will lay down my exis-tence
I will no longer ride the fence
You payed the price
Even when I roll the dice
Sometimes I take my chances
When the things of this world put me in trances.
And I’m done with all that
For Your love is greater than what I’ve valued it at
A price too high for me to pay 
But then again you didn’t even give me a say
You paid before I even knew the cost
You paid before I even realized what I’d lost
Or what I gained
You sweet sweet love on me rained
You showed me that I can never live this life alone
That I no longer in my grave have to groan
You showed me that there is hope
That I no longer have to try to climb up that never-ending slope
I would never have made it to the top anyway
Heck, I’d never even make it halfway
But by your power
I don’t have to cower
I don’t have to be afraid
Because every single day you come to my aid
You conquered over death and dying
So I know longer in my grave have to be lying.
Out of my heart you took the knife.
Through Your love, You gave me life. 

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