Here Comes the Storm

This is something that I wrote my sophomore year of high school and I thought it was appropriate for tonight, since a thunderstorm is rolling in:

The rain pattering against the kitchen window reminds me of the Todd Agnew song “Grace Like Rain.” The lyrics pull me into an imaginary world, where I am on my hands and knees in the middle of a wheat field with a slight breeze blowing through my hair. The air is so fresh and warm, with the smell of dirt and wheat being carried by the wind. I hear nothing, but the rustling of the breeze through the light brown wheat. The sky is so clear, almost like a puddle of water on the sidewalk just after it rains. I am on my face fervently crying out to my Savior for compassion and forgiveness, like an infant crying for a bottle of milk. The tears stream down my dirty face like rain streams down the glass of a window. I know I am unworthy to be crying out to such a holy Redeemer.

Then, out of nowhere, a cool rain begins to pour down from the sky as if God is pouring out His grace on me. The vivid sun is still shining, so I begin to see a vibrant rainbow, as if God is reminding me that He promised to forgive and to forget. Like the Hilary Duff song, “Come Clean,” I begin to feel myself “coming clean.” I am drenched from rain and tears, but that does not matter to me, because I know my sins have been washed away.

After the rain, I feel the warm sun shining on my face; I experience the warmth of God as though I am curled up in a blanket by a fireplace in wintertime. I feel Him smiling on me as I kneel there thanking Him for His unfailing mercy. I stand up and my knees feel weak as though something is telling me that I am unworthy to stand before such a faultless God. I do not listen to the voice, but instead I begin singing. I sing as loud as I can, and feel as though the wind is carrying my voice up to God. I sing songs of praise, telling Him how grateful I am for his unconditional gentleness and how much I am in love with Him. Unexpectedly, I am pulled back into the real world by a piercing crack of thunder, but even there that I realize that God is still beside me and with me, pouring out His grace upon me

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